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Course Features

Our top-quality programme of teaching relies on the following components:

  • the tutors with high calibre
  • small classes (with a maximum of 12 students per group)
  • a supportive learning environment

In addition to the above, our students willing to enroll for the studies abroad benefit from:

  • Ongoing language support 
  • Specialized workshops preparing students for life as boarders
  • Meeting with the natives to learn from their experience
  • A wide range of sporting and cultural activities with an emphasis on the English language development

Total concentration on the Native Language! Progress at twice the speed and half the cost !

Our programme combines intensive tuition lessons and interactive sittings with educated English-speaking people. Moreover, students are constantly encouraged to speak and think in English, both in the classrooms and with the visiting guests committed to providing an additional linguistic support. Progress, we maintain, can be made at twice the speed and half the cost !

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Success stories 2022

  • Suman Timalsina
    Suman Timalsina
  • Monica Thapa
    Monica Thapa
  • Shailesh Yadav
    Shailesh Yadav
  • Gayatri Bhandari
    Gayatri Bhandari
  • Kabita Subedi
    Kabita Subedi
  • Ganesh Tiwari
    Ganesh Tiwari
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